Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A questioning era begins...

What else can you expect from a 4-year old!!!

My Sid is all curious these days. He always has a question in mind. And, when that gets answered, the next question is ready to be asked. And, the funniest part is that he thinks that I know all the answers. Here are some of his masterpiece questions that I can remember in my ever-so-busy schedule:
Sid: Why do cows give us milk?
Me: The cows don’t give us milk. We just take it from them.
Sid: But why?
Me thinking: Because human beings are mean.
While we were having a discussion on man-made and natural objects…
Sid: Who created me?
Chuckling me: Dad and I.
Wide-eyed Sid: Really? How?
Caught red-handed me: Mmmmm… You came out of my tummy, so I created you. That’s it!
Sid: All of the babies are created by their parents?
Me: Yes (Ahh, that was an easy one to answer.)
Sid: But who creates the babies in Mumma’s tummies?
Me: God!
Sid: Then, who created God?
Me: :- | 
Me wanted to say, “Humans.” But then, that would have triggered an altogether new series of questions.
Sid: What is “boring?”
Me: Something which is not interesting.
Sid: What is “interesting?”
Me: Something which you like doing. For example, you like drawing, so you are interested in arts. You find drawing things interesting.
Sid: Yes, OK. Eating oranges is also interesting.
Me: Huh!
I’ve been telling Sid that if I don’t work properly, if I am late to office, or if I don’t attend meetings attentively, my manager will scold me. So, one day, when Sid and I were leaving for school and office, respectively, I noticed that I had forgotten to wear an earring.
Me mumbling to myself: Ahh, I forgot my earrings… It’s fine. Let it be.
Sid: Even if you don’t wear an earring, will your manager say you are beautiful?
Me: Whhhhaaaa!!!
While Sid was watching the Ganesha cartoon on how Lord Ganesha got the elephant head...
Sid: Why does the Lord Shiva always have a snake around his neck?
Me: That's his pet animal, may be. 
Sid got his snaky toy: I too want a snake pet.

And then, when Lord Shiva was refused to enter his home by Ganesha, Lord Shiva starts tandava in all rage...
Sid: Why is he dancing?
I kind-of expected this: Because he is angry.
Sid: We don't dance when we are angry. We dance when we are happy, right?
Me: Lord Shiva is a little different, you see. 

And then, when they show Lord Vishnu (in anantashayanam) and Goddess Laxmi (sitting behind Vishnu) under the ocean and Laxmi inquires to Vishnu about Shiva's rage ... 
Sid: What is this mermaid saying?
The next one is not a question from Sid. But an answer. An apt one. Would like to end with it:
While Mumma and son were in a train journey and Sid was busy amusing a few co-passengers with his conversational skills…
An Uncle: What’s your name?
Sid: Siddhanth.
Confused uncle: Siddhanth? That’s a new name.
Uncle: Are you a Hindu or a Christian?
Confused Sid: What?
Uncle trying to clarify: Do you go to a temple or a church?
Now confident Sid: I go to a school.
I couldn’t help but laugh right on their face for such a non-secular question.

Update (7/31/2016): Proud to say that this post has been picked by Blogadda for the Spicy Saturday collection. Thank you Blogadda, all the readers, and last but not the least, thank you Sid. Love you!

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